Pharmacy Fixtures

Medical and pharmaceutical environments require very specific fixtures and fittings arrangements. The store areas usually feature sections for personnel access only and open floor access for customers to browse.  The respective furniture should vary according to the functions they are designed to comply with. And, irrespectively from their location, the fixtures and fittings should be practical and durable while still providing an attractive frame for the displayed medical products.

CAPS supply fixtures and do full fit-out for pharmacies and medical environments for refurbishments and new development projects. Whether the project is a pharmacy chain, a small private clinic or large public health facility, we provide fitted furniture to suit any design or specification.

We offer an extensive range of custom made:

  • medical storage units,
  • worktops,
  • shelving,
  • POS display units.

For your peace of mind that medical equipment and confidential records are safe at all times, we also supply:

  • lockable storage units,
  • lockable cupboards,
  • lockable drawers.


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