Motorcycle & vehicle showroom fixtures

Motor vehicle companies are selling much more than just a vehicle. They are selling the lifestyle associated with selected group or groups of people buying their products. The way the vehicles are displayed embraces all the intangible ingredients that bring the brand to life and the customer promise into reality.  This means that vehicle showrooms are critical in helping to convey this unique message that the customer is getting so much more than a vehicle.

Today’s ever growing trends connected to technology and personalisation must be reflected in retail environments.

We know how to integrate technology into our products and are specialist at bespoke display units, which are often used in motor vehicle showrooms to demonstrate their customization offers. With our retail environments experience, especially with fashion brands, we know how to make fixtures and fittings that play a consistent part in communicating a desirable lifestyle message.

CAPS also provide bespoke solutions as well as a wide range of ready to use products for workshops. For more details about our workshops offer, please visit our website: www.caps-workshops.com

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