Hospitality: fixtures for hotels and restaurants

Bespoke fixtures for restaurants and hotels

Hotel facilities should offer guests many things – a functional night away from home on business or an escape during a vacation.  Restaurants, cafes and other leisure environments offer guests a chance to relax, socialise and enjoy themselves. The right combination of furniture for hotels, restaurants and leisure centres plays a critical role in creating user friendly ambience. Your guests should feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay.

Whatever the identity of your business, whether it be traditional in style, or modern and minimalistic, CAPS Group delivers interior fit-out contracting for a wide range of hospitality facilities, including hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and leisure environments.

Our furniture is designed to accommodate and enhance positive customer experiences. Functionality and ease of use is a high priority, but at the same time this is not enough for a place where clients are to feel relaxed.

This is why CAPS offers different types of designs, customized for your type of clients or type of facility. From a traditional style to the newest, modern and minimalistic designs, we can offer all types of visual identity, so your clients are happy not only from using your facility, but looking at it as well.

We offer:

  • interior fit-out – both for new build and refurbishments
  • full technical drawings and visualisation
  • high volume case goods manufacturing
  • bespoke manufacturing
  • site surveys
  • installation service

For the clients with upcoming and live projects across multiple sites we have developed a bespoke client CRM software. The system provides a complete transparency throughout projects, giving access to project histories, order breakdowns, pricing and quantities and all other relevant information. Such a solution helps our clients to manage their brand identity, allowing some degree of individuality of a particular space at the same time.

Our bespoke manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce items to exact client requirements. Or, we can aide clients in the design of a new concept. And, we have specialised expertise in project management and turn-key fit out for hotels.  Years of experience enable to tackle even the most complicated jobs in this market.

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