Retail maintenance services

Store maintenance services across Europe

This is all about perfect planning, execution, team management and professional customer service in order to assure the best standards in your retail store chain and maximise customer experience. The services should be provided efficiently and with full optimization of cost and time.

Managing store maintenance for you

At CAPS we understand that our clients need to focus on their business performance, leaving maintenance management to a professional partner. In response to these expectations we have developed a full service, adjustable package for retailers in order to suit their specific needs.

Our retail maintenance services include:

  • Preventive maintenance in retail

    The scope of preventive maintenance services include planned, periodic site visits and inspections required by the law. These are, for example:

    • Air Conditioning check and airtightness tests
    • Fire systems inspections including checking the condition of fire extinguishers, hydrants, main power switch, fire doors and smoke venting system check
    • Rollers/ shutters check
    • Electrical system and electrical/electronic devices inspection
    • Evacuation and emergency lighting system check
    • Automatic doors check

The range of inspections recommended or demanded by the law differs slightly in each country. CAPS successfully provide store maintenance services across Europe adhering to the local law and best practices.


  • Reactive maintenance in retail

    Reactive maintenance services are all the additional actions, interventions and repairs that are beyond the scope of preventive maintenance services. These very often include a wide range of repair and construction works in the store. Typical reactive maintenance works issues include:

    • Replacing lighting/light bulbs on the sales floor, storefront and window and store facilities. Checking all the lighting systems: standard, evacuation and emergency
    • Electrical repairs, including socket repair and replacement
    • Painting works inside the store
    • Fixing and replacing the shop floor made of various materials: tiles, wood and other.
    • Fixing doors including: hinges, self-closing mechanisms, regular locks, code locks and door handles
    • Hydraulic repairs: fixing and replacing kitchen and bathroom amenities: sinks, faucets, toilets and urinals.
    • Other general maintenance, such as: POS display repair, fixing hangers, curtains or doors in fitting rooms, repairing shelves in store warehouse/backroom etc.


  • Emergency services in retail maintenance

Store emergency services are all the civil works, construction-repair works and any other interventions that bring the store back to its normal functioning. Depending on the individual customer agreement provisions, we fix the problems in question as soon as possible enable the store to be open for its customers again.


  • Reports and photographic documentation regarding the status of store maintenance works

We keep a log of all planned maintenance visits carried out, updating the records for each store after each visit.  Store maintenance services are managed by our team using Tasker, a specialised software for maintenance and construction services. This tool enables efficient communication between a client and the CAPS team, eliminating excessive paperwork and e-mails. The client has access to the full history of maintenance services including all orders, jobs done, post-visit reports and the status of each store across their market of operations.


  • Store furniture repair and replacement

As a retail fixtures manufacturer, we understand the store fixtures business very well. We will find a way to fix your furniture quick and, if not possible, we will have them replaced for you as soon as possible.  Find out more about how we can help you with store fixtures and fittings.


  • Project management in store maintenance

Our clients receive a dedicated account manager who makes sure the customer gets top quality service. Their role is also to analyse the mutual cooperation and suggest further efficiency improvements in store maintenance for the client. 

The members of our retail maintenance service team speak fluent English and one or two other foreign languages each. We know how speaking local languages can improve communication, especially when one needs to act quick. We also speak French, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovak, Czech, Romanian, Polish, Russian and German.


  • 24/7 customer service

  • teams opearating across continental Europe

  • experience serving both small and large, corporate clients

  • working in accordance with lean management values

With us you’ve got an all-in one package with bespoke solutions for your business. Benefit also from concept development and design through fixtures production, installation and fit-out.

Check out the maintenance services we have been providing to Sports Direct.com

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