29 January 2018

When outsourcing retail maintenance service makes sense

Text author: Anna Campbell    Infographic author: Katarzyna Plewa

When maintenance services get in the way of the core business

When your retail operations are growing domestically and globally, the non-sales related functions follow suit. An increasing number of stores in international locations makes it more and more difficult to supervise the proper technical conditions of each single store. Technical malfunctions in store may result in business downtime and a poor customer experience, both of which can affect your sales performance. There are also a number of legal aspects regulating store functioning, which makes proper maintenance an even bigger job on top of operations that actually generate money.


Outsourcing maintenance services from a reliable partner

Organising your own network of maintenance staff is quite an undertaking.  And the bigger the market you are operating in the bigger the issue. It takes a lot of time, resources and experience to build a maintenance operations model that is cost efficient.  At CAPS, we have been working with retailers for 15 years, expanding our services systematically with the goal to provide retail brands with a complete ‘one stop shop’ service. In those years, we have learned the ins and outs of what a good maintenance service provider needs to offer.  Now, in response to market demand, we have introduced CAPS maintenance services for retailers operating in continental Europe as part of our offer.

why would you outsource maintenance services


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