Coronavirus Protection Services

Store technical check-up for a new start

MEP check-up:  includes all the basic store systems and mechanisms that need to be checked before you open your store to customers. We provide a solid systems overview and removal of issues on the spot regarding:

  • Mechanical systems check: roller shutter, door locks, delivery road
  • Electrical check: verification of electrical systems (sockets, lamps), security systems, WiFi routers
  • Plumbing: checking all taps, sinks and overall plumbing system (leaks, blocked units, etc.)

Store Disinfection Services

Our Store Disinfection Services help minimise the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for your businesses. We provide a complete store disinfection including:

  • Tills/Counters
  • Front panel and locks of powerboard
  • Store entrance
  • Back office 


  • We have local teams across continental Europe
  • Reliable and responsible service
  • Experience in working with clients from a variety of sectors
  • Transparent offer with a price per m2


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