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Modular displays for tools & hardware brand

Project highlights:

  • Our new customer, STIHL Gesellschaft GmbH, requested a totally new and innovative display concept design for the listed focus products at one of their main retailers.
  • As per the customer’s brief, we worked to achieve the final design concept to deliver a refreshed impression of their products – and the desire of the end customer to try, feel and buy these products. At the same time enabling easy flexibility and modularity in changing finishing details and dimensions to place in different shop sizes.
  • We designed a powerful and modern looking display set based on lighting concept and perforated metal plates, mixed with new innovative holders and high quality materials in the corporate design.
  • The lighting concept directs the eyes of potential customers to their innovative product portfolio while cutting edge aroma marketing supports the potential application of the products.
  • CAPS produced the first prototype for the commercial roll-out in 17 shops for 2020.

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