Sports Direct

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Retail maintenance for sports shops across Europe

Client expectation:

  • Sports Direct required a consistent, high level of maintenance service including preventive and reactive maintenance as well as emergency services for their sporting goods store network in Central Europe. And it had to be a 24/7 service that was very cost effective. 
  • The client wanted to ensure that all the stores were kept in a  technical condition to avoid unnecessary and costly downtimes and ensure quality customer experiences.
  • In this case, because the store network was across a variety of countries, Sports Direct had the added need for a service that ensured their store standards were controlled across the region in a consistent way. 

We took care of:

  • In reply to the client’s requirements, CAPS Group have strengthened their maintenance network to respond to the needs of all 140 sports stores, located across Sports Direct’s operations in Central Europe.
  • We have been providing a 24/7 customer service via a central hotline for store managers, responding to preventive and reactive needs in market with local teams as well as resolving emergency cases within hours of them being reported.
  • Our client-dedicated project managers have ensured efficient communication within the client’s network and have been dealing with the necessary paperwork including post-visit reports and photographic documentation.
  • At CAPS, while working with Sports Direct, we have developed new initiatives and processes to keep pushing our service level ever higherMaximising Customer Experience.



Key facts:

  • CAPS Group have been servicing 140 stores for Sports Direct in the Central European region:  France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg,  Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Cyprus and Spain. 
  • We have been working with the client since 2016
  • The area of a Sports Direct store varies from 1 300 m2 to 2 500 m2.  We service both single and two-level stores.

About the client:

Sports Direct.com is a subsidiary of Sports Direct International plc, a retailer group from Great Britain. The group is the UK’s largest sports-goods vendor operating around 670 stores globally.

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