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POS for fashion stores

Project highlights:

  • Our long term customer, Harley-Davidson, requested us to propose a display concept design for their family of 4 new electric products. H-D LiveWire™, the next generation electric motorcycle, was to start the exciting new product lines.
  • We designed a strong and modern looking display set for the iconic brand to feature their bike of the future. The frame coupled with deep matt dark grey finish and shiny electric blue elements created a perfect environment for the H-D LiveWire™ The sharp edges of the units highlight the cutting edge new technology of the motorcycles and differentiate the display from surrounding units in the dealerships. Plus, an integrated digital platform focuses attention on the unit while emphasizing its modernity.
  • Having received an approval of the design concept from the client, we manufactured and delivered display units to 60 Harley-Davidson dealerships across Europe in September – December of 2019.
  • The new H-D LiveWire™ collection is available in two versions – as a stand-alone totem or with a plinth added to accommodate any dealerships space and budget.

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