Q&A with Andrew Moss & Paul Munsch – professionals in Education/Office furniture sales

Welcome to CAPS, Andrew and Paul! We are delighted you have joined our team that works with clients from education and office sectors. Using this opportunity, we would like to get some insight from your professional background. Would you mind answering a few questions for us?

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A word from ‘employee 0’ at CAPS Group – 15 years later, at the launch of our ‘Everything taken care of’ campaign

I recently introduced myself at our internal customer experience workshop for new CAPS-ers as employee number 0 – and I liked the sound of it. Zero, because setting up a business usually starts as an abstract idea before anything else. It is zero, a starting point that might add up to a lot later…

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What are YOUR 5 buzzwords in retail?

There are dozens of retail trends that might be found online – with most of them involving a lot of technologies, that are not necessarily working at the moment (hello, VR?). … What are trends that you can’t wait to become reality or others that are concerned about.

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How to find the perfect retail shopfitter

When looking for a fit-out company or contractor you want to work with to deliver not just your future store, but a peace of mind that that your project is in safe hands, it’s best to choose carefully. Collaborating with a like-minded fit-out company that not only knows the fit-out trade in and out but also understands your …

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4 signs you should refurbish your store

Reinvigorating your store’s kerb appeal on a regular basis is not only important: it is actually a must if you want to stay in today’s highly competitive retail business.  Make sure you don’t miss the alarm bells. We have compiled a quick checklist of  key signs that call for taking some refurbishment action.

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Refurbishment Fit-Out CAPS Group shopfitter


Designer’s favourite projects: expanding your customer’s store concept

You have been working in store concept and fixtures design for about 15 years now. There are surely a lot of projects that take a special place in your heart. What about more recently: is there some design project that you are especially fond of?x

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How we deliver value via retail maintenance services- the CAPS Group way

With your store network expanding in number and across international markets, providing proper store maintenance in-house is becoming quite an operation. This is when an experienced, ‘hands-on’ maintenace partner comes in handy. And, you might find it can save you time and money.

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Preventive Maintenance by CAPS Group


A practical guide to planning your store fit-out

So you’ve found the perfect location for your next (or perhaps first) store, your lease is being negotiated and it won’t be long until you receive the keys. The next step is thinking about how you’re going to fit-out your store, how it’s going to look, and which partners you’ll engage to help your vision become a reality.

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The What, Why and Hows of Visual Merchandising Training

WHAT is Visual Merchandising (VM) Training? It is a course that is designed to enhance your retail staff store presentation skillsets. It spans across different levels: from beginners to masters. Like any valuable skill based training, it can’t be done overnight. A professional trainer would have to recommend …

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How to plqn visuql merchq


When outsourcing retail maintenance services makes sense

When your retail operations are growing domestically and globally, the non-sales related functions follow suit. An increasing number of stores in international locations makes it more and more difficult to supervise the proper technical conditions of each..

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Maintenance CAPS Group blog


Hotel refurbishment project: understanding the investor’s challenges

Interview with Paweł Graumiler, CAPS’ technologist, experienced in hotel industry projects.
From the market research CAPS Group carried out in 2016, we found out that in the hotel industry hoteliers regularly..

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Changing room experience you don’t want your customers to have

Do retailers always remember about key rules for designing a changing room?  In the era of the ever present customer experience concept, one would think it is obvious to include a changing room in planning and designing the overall customer journey…

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4 ways to improve your customer service with packaging: the Japanese way

They say that once you have experienced the highest level of service, it’s hard to go back. I would go as far as to say that once you have shopped in Japan, the experience after coming back home will never be the same.  And, you are less willing to spend …

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4 retail trends that shape your retail environment strategy                                          

The retail industry is becoming more dynamic than ever. Multiple trends such as personalisation, digitalisation, omni-channel marketing and the social media  can influence our customer’s path and decision…

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