Our vision is to create environments for people to find products and services that bring joy to their lives.


To take care of everything we can for our customers in a professional and friendly manner so that they can focus on growing their business and delighting their customers.

How much we care: trust, honesty, partnership

We believe in partnership. lt has never been our goal to be the biggest company in our market, with the largest list of clients. lnstead, it is more important to us to be exceptional in what we do – investing our unique skills and resources into our business relationships. You can rely on us to be fully commited partners in your project.

How far we can reach: local international company 

We pride ourselves on being a truly local, yet globally connected partner for our clients. Working closely with retailers both locally and in international markets, we have grown to be flexible in our service, yet always focused on one goal: providing outstanding customer experiences to our clients.

To support the growing needs of our customers across Europe, we have developed our operations model accordingly with 4 manufacturing and warehousing bases in the UK, Poland, France and Romania. Aside from these in-house facilities, we have set up and manage a supply chain from Asia to ensure a full set of options to suit customers’ requirements.

How far we can go: taking initiative

At CAPS we always aim to bring more to the table. It takes the whole team to be willing to go farther. That’s why we started an internal project, the “WOW competition”, that is designed to recognise initiatives that generated an outstanding outcome with our customers. Because we are committed to go the extra mile.

We don’t hesitate to use the latest concepts and technology, such as AR/VR, to shorten the decision making time for our customers. Or set up a presence in a new market, if a customer needs our support there.

For our key customers we have developed bespoke CRM software allowing for online access to current projects. The programs are tailored to the individual client’s requirements. A great tool for helping to maintain brand consistency across a diverse or international store network.

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