Corporate Social Responsibility

We strongly believe in serving and supporting the communities we live and work in. This is both a duty and an honor to be able to do. That’s why we have been taking initiatives to join already existing already existing or start our own charity projects.

For example, in Poznan, Poland, where one of our office is located, we have worked for many years with the “Stowarzyszenie Na Tak”, a private foundation that operates a network of schools for seriously disabled children.

SNT provides an amazing service to the greater Poznan area supporting disabled children and their families with a fully integrated, specialised school network offering education and daycare for all ages of children and young adults with special needs. Using our expertise and capabilities in furniture and fixture manufacture, we have supported SNT in remodeling and upgrading projects to their facilities. It is a great honour to work with such an outstanding organisation.

Please visit SNT’s website at http://www.stowarzyszenienatak.pl to learn more about what they do.

Photos: Nikodem Olejniczak

Download 2019 CAPS Group Social Responsibility Report

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