What we do

The CAPS group provides bespoke fixtures and fit out for interiors and display within Retail, Medical, Educational, Leisure, Office and Workshop environments across the globe.


Our services include:

  • Design concept and development
  • Manufacture
  • Fit out / installation / project management

Utilising our well-developed technical and manufacturing facilities, we also offer an exclusive bespoke manufacturing service to clients from many different sectors.

This fixtures and fit-out team commands trust and confidence, doesn’t it?

CAPS group representatives were on hand at the Harley-Davidson Retail Readiness 2017 events, embodying our values of readiness for special tasks and challenges that our clients bring to us. On January 18th and 19th our colleagues from CAPS Asia and CAPS Europe attended the RRE Harley-Davidson events in Barcelona and Singapore. The feedback from dealers


CAPS and the „Stowarzyszenie Na Tak” Association wish you a Merry Christmas

Christmas is a perfect time to slow down, cherish moments with your loved ones and also remember about those in need.  CAPS have been supporting the „Stowarzyszenie Na Tak” Association for many years providing fixtures to its school and office premises. Therapeutic classes for disabled children and grown-ups are much more comfortable, effective and simply